Frost-brie the Cheeseman!

Frost-brie the Cheeseman!

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This board feeds 8 and comes on a 11x16” rectangular disposable board. We also offer a CFS Woodworks Wood board upgrade that is also 11x16”.

The Medium includes the following:

  • 4 types of cheeses (2 types of brie, no substitutions.)
  • 3 types of meats.
  • A variety of fruits, nuts, preserves and honey.
  • Christmas cookie and themed sweets. 
  • Crackers included on the side.

*All recommended serving sizes are appetizer portion suggestions. If serving as the main meal, consider going a size up.

*Please note that all cheeses, meats, produce, etc., are based on what is seasonally available, and are often interchanged.

*If you have allergies or specific dietary restrictions, please include these in the Special Notes section at checkout. We are happy to honor any requests. 

*There is a 48 hour notice for all orders.